the journal: woo! I'm clever :P

Yes, I've had a journal site before (though not very well known; uhh very few were on my mailing list or visited; it sucked! sucked! sucked!). It was at - the reason I killed it was because I no longer liked the idea of my journal domain starting with an 'h' - 's' titles roll off the tongue better. I've written a journal online since december 7, 1997; the archives from 1997-beginning of 2000 disappeared from the geocities url I was holding them on, so as to save room. Bad idea folks! Don't do it! Don't give in to geocities even if you don't want to run out of space on your domain! Ah well, I don't feel as bad about it because I have them all in about seven or eight nice journals sitting on my bookshelf. I just hate losing things completely is all.

Really, what more can I say? all archives from summer of 2000 onward are here and there's a lovely cast list to read to know who everyone is. I don't think it can get more simple than that, though some of my relatives and "the guest" would say otherwise (they probably couldn't find their way to their email box..shhhh!).

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