fragmented facts

-I like Tenchi, Card Captor Sakura (CCS), Neon Genesis Evangelion (EVA), Serial Experiments: Lain (SE:Lain), Utena, and if I'm in the mood Sailor Moon. I just started Rurouni Kenshin. so far, I like it!
-I read certain manga too. have a couple of both CCS and X/1999, still have some Sailor Moon comics, six volumes of Love Hina (the bilingual set if there is another type) and almost the whole lot of Tenchi
-I like to draw; I like to collect; I have cels, I have pencil jars, pencils, art books, stickers, video games, soundtracks, colouring books, and of course, the dvd series - a whole section on my tv stand hidden shelf; alphabetised
-I'd like to start watching or reading depending; The Slayers (I've seen abit of it), Trigun, Ah! My Goddess, Love Hina (just saw the first volume came out!! eeek!), 3x3 Eyes
-feel free to suggest anime you like if you watch it also. I'm up for anything though I'm limited on money most of the time

-I'm pretty open in terms of music. I must say it's like a passion of mine to have the best collection I can muster
-ones I can't stand as much are hick country, oldies (erm, there are exceptions I guess, but most of dad's stuff), cheesy bubblegum pop they play on TRL (no more Britney Spears! non-pure! non-pure! please cleanse me from the horror!), and certain folk (well, erm, maybe just Shawn Phillips and whoever is associated with him; bwah!); eck. oh yeah, and kiddie music they show in those inane commericials!!
-most listened to genres: indie rock, emo/punk, alt-country, new wave / synth / goth / electronic / techno, orchestrated schtuff
-Groups/Singers (at random of what I'm most into at the moment): Carissa's Wierd, aveo, Dolour, The Anniversary, Now it's Overhead, Bright Eyes, The Innocence Mission, Lucinda Williams, Chappaquiddick Skyline / Scud Mountain Boys / The Pernice Brothers, Radiohead, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Babybird, The Get Up Kids, The Weakerthans, Weezer, Rainer Maria, Mercury Rev, Belle and Sebastian, Luna Sea, Gackt, Cocteau Twins, Faye Wong, Joy Division, The Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order
-I do mix cd trades. you can email me at any time. the only time I will refuse is if I'm out of blank disks

-oh yes! I love shopping! if only I had more money...I feel like I don't have much to show for my avid wanting
-I like JCrew, Esprit, victorias secret, Express, Contempo or Wet Seal, Delia*s (not as often), The Brat
-I also love to buy video games and equipment, TONS of anime as previously mentioned, and yes, clothes when I have enough. I think I have more pjs than real clothes though. or clothes that look like they could be pjs.

tv shows/movies
-I don't go to the theatre often, but now that I have a dvd player, I buy them when I can
-movies I own besides the anime - Being John Malkovich, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, High Fidelity, Princess Bride
-movies I still want - Run Lola, Run, Fifth Element, Chocolat, Go, Clerks, Office Space, Save the Last Dance, and probably alot more I forgot
-tv shows I watch - Real World, Daria (when it's on which is hardly ever now), Ally Mcbeal, Friends, Fraiser, Will and Grace, The Weakest Link (less often now; easing off of it), Felicity, Gilmore Girls (well, now I do), Sabrina (the Teenaged Witch) [plus all those other new WB friday shows; hah; no, I'm not ashamed), Sex Wars, Blind Date, Rendez View, Talk Soup, Sex and the City, The Tonight Show, Conan, and plenty of cartoons/anime

-as you can probably tell from the booklist, I'm an avid reader of fiction for the most part. I hardly touch non-fiction unless it's a health book and it's not like I read it
-Authors: Amy Tan, Haruki Murakami, Sue Townsend (all about the Adrian Mole Diaries!), Tom Robbins, Margaret Atwood, Nick Hornby
-I decidedly don't like mystery, sci-fi (like star trek, star wars kind; anime kind which is most like fantasy/sci-fi is okay), historical (I used to read WWII books about Hiroshima though; I don't know why), and cheap romance novels that don't have a plot
-I read at night/on weekends when I'm bored in the afternoon
-I learned how to read at around four

random stuff
-my hair is a dull brown, but I'd like to dye it black and purple; yes, I'm chicken. shutup. maybe red and black would compensate as less extreme; hrm...or red and dark brown...hmmm!
-eyes are hazel
-half italian/half irish
-parents are divorced
-don't work really; eBay is my job; I coown my home though
-I am in love with love and I never entirely have it, but always want despite the pain
-I am a neat freak; see my room? see how my remote is always sitting diagonally on the side desk? it's good feng shui! hush!
-speaking of anal, I have some OCD symptoms from time to time, social anxiety disorder, some signs of being bipolar (manic depression), a hypochondriac about every little thing, and I am very dependant which I don't like to admit, but I am...I need to be taken care of despite my stubbornness to conform
-I use brit dialogue ('ou' and 's' instead of 'z' in certain words; plus I say horrid and such alot. and now I've started saying 'funny that; weird that; scary that' ..augh! MATH+1's worst nightmare!!); you can ignore this or be annoyed; I don't care
-I don't capitalise that often (mostly cause I'm lazy; that's the one thing that always screws me up on typing tests); I use alot of punctuation though. I can't stand bad grammar.
-need my vitamin c drops and water every night or I get irritable
-love my lollipops
-cause tons of drama in my head

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