the credits

programs used:
Greymatter, notepad, ws_ftp, Adobe Photodeluxe, Microtek Scanner, Aiptek Pen Cam for photos, paper, soft pencil, lots of effort

screen format:
I made it for 800x600 resolution, but I s'pose others could work

ie5.5 - netscape frustrates me

arial, lucida console, serif, silkscreen/tahoma for fonts mostly.

code used:
css, javascript, cgi, regular html basically. if you have a problem viewing it, let me know. I think this is pretty basic though.

colour scheme:

images credit:
not many are used but I drew the anime villian (she's from the first manga volume of X/1999 - that's where I drew it from), and the other one on the entry layout is actually scanned in from the book cause I was too tired to draw another picture!
the reddish walls blended in with my sketch was taken from some japanese website of some tour. I think that was supposed to be a tomb/cave of some sort. I don't remember.

as is written at the bottom of each page, this site is all copyright me; all images, words are mine unless otherwise noted (the Squishy Tribute is copyright whoever it's respective author is; including Pamie of course)

music attributes:
deep evil music...uh no. I don't know. I wasn't listening to music much this round.

origin of site:
well, it just came to me while I was sitting here towards the end of May 2001. I didn't want the title to start with an 'h' again which I originally was going to go with, so I started thinking of good letters when I swear, I saw the word 'sardonic' somewhere and it came to be to put that first and the 'hee' second! a domain is born in one swoop! I bought it the next day.
mom makes fun of me when I say it outloud though. she says it sounds like sir donna kee whatever that is, I don't know. that's as great a background as you are gonna get!

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